About Jarski

Jarski is a project developed by Michal Jarski, comprising most of his works. The website’s aim is to present his works and give basic contact information to people looking for possible cooperation. Current website was created in April 2020 and supersedes the older ones built in 2013 and 2016, respectively. Examples of projects worked on by Michal are available in the Portfolio section of this website.

Our story

Beginnings of MJStudios
Logo of MJStudios

The year 2012 was a starting point for our adventure. That year, the first website, called MJStudios, was created (active 2012 – 2014). The site was primarily built in Google Sites, but after some months of operating, the limitations of that platform started being too much of an issue to proceed further.


That is why, in 2013, work began on a new website that would be more suitable for presenting projects. That is how the first MJDesign website was created. The rebranding from MJStudios to MJDesign was a matter of limiting types of products presented: the new page was mostly showcasing websites and programs worked on, excluding less relevant types of content.

First logo of MJDesign (2013-2016)
Second logo of MJDesign (2016-2021)

The original website of MJDesign was shut down in 2014. At that time, it already had been redirecting visitors to the new (2013) page for a couple of months. The 2013 version was eventually superseded by a modern website in 2016, built using the Drento theme. During that time, the logo was also updated, replacing the white stripe with the text “MJDesign”, located between two vertical bars.

The 2016 page was fully redesigned in 2020, leading to the current form.

Second rebranding

The second rebranding happened in March 2021, when the name was changed to “Jarski”. A new set of logos was designed in the process, to reflect the name change.

Logo of Jarski (since 2021)